Nigeria – Abuja

Arrived in Nigeria but the airport is a hour from the city. A long way on a taxi.

During which my taxi driver run out of gas.

10 seconds before I got robbed. An attempt at least. But it is the first time in my life that this happened. I shouldn’t have taken out my phone and take a selfie here. He took out a gun, but it was a signal flare gun and it doesn’t even work. The taxi driver helped me chase him away.

Pushed the car down the road until we came across a military post. Then hitched a ride with another person helping us.

Got robbed 1 hour after touching down. What fun.


Abuja have a lot of newly built road, yet there aren’t much people in the new areas.

National stadium.

National mosque. I wasn’t able to enter.

National parliament. I couldn’t go in, because it wasn’t open that day, but there wasn’t much to see anyways, so I didn’t come back the next day.

Nothing much else to see. I went to the cinema, which was cheap. First time I watched a movie in a long time.

Brian Wang

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