China/Taiwan – Kinmen Visa Run

The place is like a boom shantytown that is converted from a village. Unorganized and every building looks temporary. The businesses there cater to tens of thousands of students at the university.

The ground is full of sand. There is no planned road. Buildings cut into each other at weird angles.

Enough observation about this weird little place. Parked my motorcycle and I am ready to do a visa run. Go to Xiamen international ferry terminal. Bought a ferry ticket. Went across in an hour.


Arrived in Kinmen at night. Time to explore a few places. The island isn’t that big. But it looks very different from Xiamen. I wanted to rent a scooter, but could only rent a very slow electric¬†one.

Explored some of the island at night.

The dinky little electric scooter they assigned me. Maximum 30 km per hour. Speed dare devil here.

The little hostel that I was at.


The day sure was nice. It is so sunny and quiet on this island.

KMT museum. KMT influence is strong.

Short day, but fun.

Brian Wang

A code monkey who got tired of his sedentary lifestyle and decided to circle the world.

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