China – Through Freezing Rain to Wuhan

Too bad the freezing rain caught up. I was soak the entire way. Couldn’t reach Wuhan in one day. Had to stop at a small town on the road at a small hotel.

Wet, Freezing, polluted air. My fingers were frozen. Absolutely sucks.

The next day, it is still raining and freezing. The bike is dirty. My boots are soaked.

Once I got close to Wuhan, everything was fine. Had to park my bike at the north side of the Yangtze river. I wasn’t ready to risk going across the bridge, as all bridges were heavily monitored.

Rested with my family at Wuhan for a few days.

Moving my motorcycle across the river was hard. Multiple day planning. Every bridge that crosses the river is a national highway or too close to the city center. Packed with police and guards. Went to quite a few points to find ferry. Nothing is available. Decided to rush a bridge. I crossed on the outer loop of Wuhan. Good thing I got through.

At one point, I was thinking to go a few hundred kilometers down the river to cross at another small city.

Time to go to the next city after a few days in Wuhan. I am well rested.

Brian Wang

A code monkey who got tired of his sedentary lifestyle and decided to circle the world.

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