China – Shaolin Temple and Songshan

Moving on from Luoyang. Mount Song is close by and it is actually right in between Zhengzhou and Luoyang by distance. One of the 5 famous mountains of ancient China.


Shaolin temple

The shaolin martial arts school nearby and shaolin disciple demonstration.

Coming down from Songshan, I am arrived in the city DengFeng in the afternoon. Climbing the mountain officially tomorrow. Here is a gate.


Much clearer day to climb Songshan.

At the top. The sun is too bright. Can’t take a photo without closing my eyes.


Coming down from the mountain on another path. Waterfalls.


The way down. Time to go back to DengFeng.

Came back to the hostel. I am going to the next city. PingDingShan and eventually down to Wuhan.


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