China – NanChang, Provincial Capital of JiangXi


Arrived in NanChang. It is provincial capital of Jiangxi.

Despite being near the coast, this area is relatively secluded. There is a large lake nearby. Plenty of mountain ranges surrounding NanChang, which isolates it from the rest of China. It is one of the reasons why NanChang was one of the main operating bases of the anti-Japanese guerrilla movement.

Jiangxi museum. There was a very well preserved ancient Spring-Autumn period tomb discovered in this area. One of the few that was never disturbed, thus it contains a treasure trove of ancient artifacts.

Walking around the city.

Relief map of Jiangxi.

August 1st square.

That’s it for NanChang and Jiangxi province. Maybe next time I will check out the lake.

Onwards to Jingde Zhen.




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