China – Tianjin, Getting My Motorcycle. QianJiang Light Cruiser Bike.

The street where my hostel is. It is in a well preserved old neighborhood, in the middle of modern development.

A big import export market. Lots of independent shops. I wasn’t able to find many 2nd handed motorcycle shops here.

Tianjin university



The center of an area where they have preserved European colonial era buildings.

Oh, yeah. I got my 2nd handed motorcycle. QianJing 150 CC light cruiser. No front brakes pumps, the meter doesn’t work, mirrors needs fixing, back chain worn out, front tire deformed, front light doesn’t work well, no braking light, but other than those problems, the engine runs fine. Pretty heavy bike for its engine power. Hope I don’t die.

Left Tianjin. Off to circle Northeast 3 province of China.


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