Malaysia – Penang and Cameron Highlands

First city I reached in Malaysia is Penang. Very close to Thai-Malaysian border. Roads are much better right after the border.

Penang is a city known for lots of Chinese immigrants, both past and present.

This is essentially China. Some rich old Chinese merchant family use to own this mansion.

George town, Penang.

Old jetties of Penang. As far as I could tell, they were fishing villages built on top of concrete or wood pillars on the coast. People here actually watch Chinese news and speak good mandarin Chinese. Felt welcomed here.

On a good day, went up to the Penang hill to get a good view of the surroundings. Looks great. Quite crowded. The site is developed quite well.

After a few days of eating in Penang and slacking off, I decided to head off to the Cameron Highlands.

It is just an area in the mountains. Because of its high attitude, it is cooler here than most places in Malaysia. I was in Tanah Rata. A small but functioning tourist town.

Clean air. Good environment. Lots of butterfly farms and small cozy mountain town feel.

Tea plantation. Ever since the British colonial period, there is a tea plantation in this area.

Took an intense hiking trail. Found a few Malaysian sitting around drinking in the woods to ask for direction. The trail wasn’t well marked. The path is not well trodden. I constantly lose track of where I should be going. But finally climbed to the top. There is a power station around there. The path down was a huge struggle though. More perilous than the path up.

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