Thailand – Diving and New Year Full Moon Party

Flew from Taipei to Bangkok. Then missed my transit flight to Huahin because I messed up an airport. Thought the transit flight was at the same airport, but unfortunately there are two airports in Bangkok. I was suppose to fly from the domestic one.

1 hour before departure, figured it out. Paid a taxi driver to sprint across the city to get the correct airport. Traffic jam. Oh well. Missed the plane and the ferry ticket right afterwards. Spent another $100 or so on a plane + ferry combo to Koh Tao. Late for the gathering with my cousin and her parents. Different class for diving.

First look at a 3rd world country. Even when I was in China, I don’t remember going to rural areas. It was interesting to see this side of Thailand. Chumphon hostel for a short night. Next day waiting for transport to the islands at dawn.


First time taking a ferry on the sea. Wow, pretty good set of photos. Maybe I can call myself a photographer if I keep doing pictures like these..

Arrived in Koh Toh. First time on a small island in the ocean.

Met up with cousin and her parents. Starting to learn diving.

Too bad no pictures during my dive.

Party most nights. Relaxing vacation.

Finished the beginner diving classes, but it is new year. With some friends from the diving class, went to Koh Phangan for new year full moon party.

First time in some big party like that. The beach was super crowded. Only some pictures.


A lot of pictures I am not sure if I should put it here. Bad quality and trashy behavior. Just selfies to record the atmosphere at the time. It will be private memories. Maybe I want to put this “travel blog” on my resume some day.

Anyways, fun for a night, but got cold, fever, and an ear infection the next few days. I guess sharing buckets wasn’t a good idea. Stayed some extra days on the island to recuperate in my friend’s free room.

Got to Koh Samui, once I recovered enough. Hang out with my cousin and her parents for a day, before they go back to China. I grew up with this family when I was very young.

Koh Samui is big, so I didn’t go through even half of it. Without a scooter, I have no way to get anywhere without expensive taxis. Oh, yeah, I decided not to rent a scooter any more, because I rented one the first day I got to Koh Tao and managed to flip over and scratched it in just a few hours of riding. I did use it to go to the top of the mountain though. The front brakes work, but the rear brakes don’t, so going down the mountain, I ended up the front wheel ended up slipping on small gravel. Ended up paying an equivalent of $200 upon returning the bike.

Returned to Koh Tao to finish 30 meter course and the rich oxygen course. Took the Chinese language class this time to switch it up.

Nice dive sites. A little polluted. Since I still have the cold, air pockets get trapped in the mucus in my sinus. Hurts. Nose bleed every time I come up.

More relaxing night out with the Chinese crowd. No heavy drinking and partying.

Back to mainland Thailand.

Bye bye, Koh Tao.

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